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MobiLearn Talking Phrasebooks


Mobile language learning tools for business, travel, education, and public safety


Your Personal Translator


"...Ideal for the traveler or someone who just wants to have fun with a new language."

~Gigi Hsueh, www.aximsite.com


For Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Devices (Such as HP iPAQ, AT&T Tilt, HTC Touch, and Palm Treo 700W)

MobiLearn Version 6 supports portrait, landscape, and square displays and syncs with Windows XP or Vista

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MobiLearn® Talking Phrasebooks




Just the help you need—just when you need it—to express yourself in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.





Click to hear the languages spoken in a pure native voice.

"...as crisp and clear as the bells of Notre Dame."

~Mick Lockey, http://www.techtv.com


A Few Quotes

From Our Customers

"It’s a lovely program (my 11 year old loved it so much she’s decided to take French at school!)"

"Just back from Mexico where your English-Spanish talking phrasebook was invaluable. I can't imagine travelling without one of these now. The phrases are well chosen and reflect the average traveller's needs. The clarity of the speaking voice and simplicity of use is what sets you apart from the competition."

"In the past two years I have spent over $250 in language software/cd's, cassettes etc that I never use it is not convenient or not as interesting as your software."

"I found this program to be VERY useful to communicate with a mother and daughter brought to the USA from Honduras for open heart surgery. They spoke no English, and my Spanish hurt their ears! For the 4 days and the two weeks following, I relied on this program!...Being able to go from English to Spanish AND from Spanish to English is wonderful! "

"...ten stars !  ...Best Pocket Pc language - learning software. Version 2 was very good. But version 3 is fantastic with the autoplay option."

"This product alone is a convincing reason for anyone with a desire to learn a foreign language to buy a PDA."

"The program is unbelievable.  I'm very excited about it and am anxious to use it in the emergency room.  I have been using the quiz mode (which is very cool). The voice is excellent quality."

"I use OutLoud! on the tube to work every morning and evening..."

"We just got back from Italy and this program was a huge help!!! It also was a great ice breaker with the people we met."

"I have not seen anything close to it in practical terms. It is a fantastic support, even whilst you are trying to communicate with someone."

From the Reviewers

"If you've got a Pocket PC and an urge for international travel, [MobiLearn] should be at the top of your packing list."

  • Brett Larson, TechTV


"...Outloud! Talking Phrasebooks are a fantastic example of the versatility and power of a Pocket PC. If you're travelling to a French, German, Italian or Spanish-speaking country and you can't speak the language, then an Outloud! Talking Phrasebook is a must-have. Even if you're not travelling to a different country and just want learn a few phrases in a different language, the ability to hear the phrases spoken in the correct pronunciation is better than any language teacher - because you don't have to pay them by the hour, can learn the phrases at your own convenience and can have it repeat the phrase endlessly until you get it right. Not to mention it being much cheaper, and also being very, very cool having such a thing on your Pocket PC."


"...Oooh la la! Makes me want to travel..."


"The best thing about the MobiLearn Talking Phrasebooks is that they are incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is run the program, select a category, and find the phrase you want to translate. It doesn't get any easier than that. It's refreshing to see such a simple interface. Finding the appropriate phrase is always just a few clicks away."

A tutor in your pocket—MobiLearn®


If you need further information or want to offer comments, please contact us by e-mail at info@mobilearn.net For technical assistance, contact support@mobilearn.net.

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